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What is it about?

In 2023, the city of Osnabrück and also the city of Münster in northwest Germany will celebrate the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia. In 1648, this peace brought Europe the long-awaited peace after the Thirty Years’ War.
In this context, the city of Osnabrück invites young Europeans to participate in the encounter and participation project “Labor Europa” in Osnabrück from August 17 – 27, 2023. The joint work will take place in five so-called laboratories in the fields of visual arts, history, performance, music as well as digital media and games on different topics. The labs have the character of workshops in which, figuratively speaking, something “divides” and “cultures” grow. Communication is in English. The individual labs have 8-12 participants and are accompanied by professional partners such as the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, the Institute for Music, the Society for Contemporary Art Osnabrück, a Nazi memorial or the European Media Art Festival. The results of the lab work will be presented to the public in exhibitions, performances or a concert on August 25 and 26, 2023.

What to expect?

You will participate in a 10-day exciting and lively exchange with other young Europeans*, which includes joint work, but also a leisure and cultural program. We will organize your arrival and departure and cover the costs for this as well as for accommodation in a hotel and meals.
As a security, a participation fee of 100 euros is to be paid in advance by each participant.

How can you apply for participation?

In the menu you will find information about the respective labs, the content and the conditions of participation.
Please send your application, written in English, for the lab you would like to participate in by email to: by June 1st, 2023.
Please include your age and home address and other contact information.
We will work with our partners to select the final participants and will respond to you by the end of June 2023 to let you know if your application was successful.

For any queries, please feel free to write to us at

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